Covert Entry Specialist – EDC

I wanted to share the gear that has become my EDC (Every Day Carry) setup. I carry these custom-built tools with me on covert entry assessments, as well as most trips. I like to be prepared for the “what if” scenarios.

Let’s start from left to right with the image above.

Hand Cop

Up first, we have the “Hand Cop”, which is a Technora-based counter-escape restraint bracelet.
This can be useful in really bad, close quarter situations where you might need to help reduce the potential risk that someone might be posing to others. If you’re unsure what this means, or what it is and how to use it, then it’s probably not for you–and that’s okay. 🙂


Custom “Covert Entry Multi-tool” build

Next is my custom-built “Covert Entry Multi-tool” set. This contains several lock and door bypass tools. The build and each item used in it is outlined in this detailed blog post:

2020-05-29 08.40.02

Tactical Pen – Smith and Wesson

I have nothing but good things to say about the Smith and Wesson SWPENBK pen. It’s a solid build, and is very comfortable to hold for self defense applications, as well as for writing. The screw cap protects the ball point cartridge as well.

Gerber Mini Covert FAST Knife

The Gerber Mini Covert FAST knife is excellent! The position of the clip allows it to keep a low profile. “FAST” is in the name for a reason, and it’s well-deserved. It’s perfect for single handed open and close.
The handles have a great grip, and the locking mechanism is very handy as well.

Custom “Covert Entry Wallet” build

This slim, low-profile wallet contains a handful of physical bypass tools that I commonly use, and is assembled in such a way that it looks completely normal.

The build and each item used in it is outlined in this detailed blog post:

Bypass Tool Key Chain

The small key chain contains a few items that I use for physical bypass as well.


  • Gerber “Shard”
    • This is a very handy 7-in-1 tool that is actually usable. I mostly use the screw driver and pry tools.
  • S.O.G. 1″ knife
  • Basic LED white flashlight
  • Gaffer tape rolled around a paper clip
    • I always keep Gaffer tape on me. It has several uses for maintaining access, bypassing certain access controls and alarms, plus it’s nice to have if something breaks.
  • UV light
    • This rechargeable UV light is great to have on hand. If you’ve listened to any of our talks, we mention that one of the things we will do to determine a PIN number on an access control pad is to dust it with UV powder, or even a non-“smudge free” Highlighter marker. We’ll then wait for someone to badge in and enter their PIN. Once they’ve left the area, we go behind them, illuminate the pad with the UV light, and see what they’ve touched.

Thanks for reading, and I would like to hear your ideas on your Covert Entry EDC kits as well!

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