War Story: “Can I see that?”

When traveling for these types of assessments, we always consider the location of a client’s facilities. Often, we’re fortunate enough that these locations are adjacent to a hotel, café, food court, or a shared facility in general. How does this help, other than the convenience of a nap or food in between efforts? To a malicious actor, one can use this to conduct passive reconnaissance to gather useful information which is anything from the target facility’s dress code, ingress/egress points, security camera placement, style of… … More War Story: “Can I see that?”

Improved Canned Air Attacks Against REX Sensors

Bypassing Request-to-Exit (REX) sensors with canned air and other mediums isn’t a new attack, and is widely used as a covert method of entry. However, there are times where this attack could be possible, but certain elements such as a small physical gap that the straw can’t fit through, REX sensor being farther away, etc., … More Improved Canned Air Attacks Against REX Sensors

Point-of-Sale System Security Analysis : How hackers gain access to POS systems in retail and restaurants

Recently, we assessed two point-of-sale (POS) systems for clients in different industries – Retail and Restaurants. POS systems are the latest and greatest hacking target taking place around the nation. In the last couple of years, we’ve read a lot about big organizations being hacked and credit card information stolen. In these instances, terminals from the … More Point-of-Sale System Security Analysis : How hackers gain access to POS systems in retail and restaurants

Proxmark 3 Cheat Sheet and RFID Thief Instructions

Found some awesome write-ups from Alex Dib regarding building your own RFID cloner and a useful Proxmark3 cheat sheet, and wanted to share! Proxmark3 Cheat Sheet Great cheat sheet for those using the Proxmark3 software. https://scund00r.com/all/rfid/2018/06/05/proxmark-cheatsheet.html   RFID Thief v2.0 Very detailed write-up for building your own long-range RFID cloner. https://scund00r.com/all/rfid/tutorial/2018/07/12/rfid-theif-v2.html    

Proxmark3 Resources

Resource to flash the Proxmark3 from the standard HF mode, to LF mode: https://legacysecuritygroup.com/index.php/projects/categories/9-rfid/7-proxmark-3-emulating-hid-tags-in-standalone-mode WINDOWS Download the github proxmark3 standalone LF emulator Master by Corey Harding —https://github.com/exploitagency/github-proxmark3-standalone-lf-emulator Run Easy Flash Utility for Windows .bat This tool is handy for reflashing your Proxmark3 for whatever you need it for Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06DgTuJcMQ8 Plug in your Proxmark3 and … More Proxmark3 Resources

IBM POS System Keys

So, apparently many IBM POS (MM987 MM926 code cut numbers) systems are keyed alike. Give it a try on your next physical security assessment where they may be used: eBay Link