We Hack People – Covert Entry

Tim Roberts, Brent White – Covert Entry, Social Engineering, Red Team, Hacking, Physical Security, Bypass, Lock picking


Tim Roberts and Brent White are Principal Security Consultants, specializing in Covert Entry (Stealth Breaching, Physical Intrusion), OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), Social Engineering, and other Red Team-related skills. This includes surreptitious and covert entry, alarm bypassing, physical site assessments, surveillance, wireless and network penetration, web application hacking, and more.

Wehackpeople.com contains research, conference presentations, interviews, as well as “war stories” from their experiences within the offensive security field of successful professional red team work, and a combined 20+ years of information and physical security experience.

Through this site, they hope to continue to contribute to the #InfoSec community and provide more security awareness by sharing traditional and non-traditional techniques that have worked for them in and outside of commercial and government environments.


NolaCon 2019 - Breaking Into Your Building

"Breaking Into Your Building: A Hacker's Guide to Unauthorized Access"

In this presentation, we discuss physical security and social engineering attacks and techniques, as well as how to fix this these things.