Badges on Social Media

This has been an issue for several years and even as I scroll through my social media feeds, I still come across things like this: If you were to look at the comments at good ole Kermit’s request, you would see several selfies of people with their work ID’s draped clearly across their necks. “What … More Badges on Social Media


Internet Enumeration and Discovery – Know Your Network Footprint

One of a company’s most important responsibilities is to know its network footprint. Many large corporations are compartmentalized, and different groups have different responsibilities that rarely overlap. It’s not uncommon for a company to have multiple class-C IP address ranges, along with third-party hosted websites, and not really realize they exist within the organization’s assets. … More Internet Enumeration and Discovery – Know Your Network Footprint

OSINT Resources

Here, we are going to document useful tools we utilize during the Open-Source Intellignce (OSINT) phase of our assessments. Feel free to send suggestions of tools/websites that you like to use as well. A wealth of links broken down into different categories. Highly recommended! Excellent starting point! A well-maintained repository of well-known OSINT … More OSINT Resources