Adams-Rite Deadlatch Bypass Custom Tool


The Adams Rite style mortised dead latch is susceptible to a simple bypass by reaching inside of the lock, pulling the correct bold, and it will unlock.

“Long Shot” tool from Sparrows

There are tools that you can purchase such as the “long shot” tool from Sparrows. These tools work great, and I have no issues with them. However, my goal here was to create a tool with a smaller profile to be able to fit into tighter places. So, I made my own custom tool by modifying a long lock pick tension tool.

The image below shows an long tension tool in its original state next to the finished tool.
The build was simple, and just took time to grind down the longer tension tool to get it to the correct width and thickness. I also wanted to ensure that I wasn’t getting it too thin, as I didn’t want it to break.

Custom Long Shot tool

Here is a quick demonstration of my custom made tool in use.

If you decide to make one of these for yourself, don’t forget to make a right and left-sided version so that you’re prepared for either orientation.


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