Tim Roberts // byt3boy

Tim is a Sr. Security Associate with Dark Wolf Solutions, specializing in covert entry. He is the founding member of the Lexington DEF CON group (DC859). He has been interviewed on the subject of “White hat hacking” for Microsoft’s “Roadtrip Nation” television series, was featured on IDG Enterprise’s CSO Online publication by Ryan Francis on social engineering, and was interviewed at Black Hat by HelpNetSecurity on security awareness and “Know Your Adversary”.

Tim has over fifteen years of professional security experience and has held management, IT, and physical security roles across multiple industries, including healthcare, finance, and government. His experience includes Red Team, Internal/External Network, Wireless, Application, Physical Security, Social Engineering, and more.

Tim has spoken and conducted training at numerous security and hacker conferences, including ISSA International, DEF CON, DerbyCon, NolaCon, various B-Sides, CircleCityCon, Techno Security Con, SaintCon, Appalachian Institute of Digital Evidence at Marshall University, Who’s Your Hacker, was keynote for the S&H Law – FBI/Hacker Panel, and more. By continuing to share these experiences, he hopes to further contribute to the InfoSec community and security awareness as a whole.

Brent White // BITKILL3R

2018-06-04-13.21.56-2.jpgBrent is a Senior Security Consultant at NTT Security, specializing in physical security assessments. He is the founder of the Nashville DEF CON group (DC615), and is the Global Coordinator for the official DEF CON conference “Groups” program. He is also a trusted adviser for the TN Dept of Safety and Homeland Security on the topic of physical and cyber security.

Brent has held the role of Web/Project Manager and IT Security Director for a global franchise company as well as Web Manager and information security positions for television personalities on The Travel Channel.

He has also been interviewed on the popular web series, “Hak5” with Darren Kitchen, BBC News, and on Microsoft’s “Roadtrip Nation” television series. His experience includes Internal/External Penetration, Wireless, Application and Physical Security assessments, Social Engineering, and more.

Brent has also spoken at numerous security conferences, including ISSA International, DEF CON, DerbyCon, SaintCon, PhreakNic, SkyDogCon, NolaCon, B-Sides Nashville, B-Sides Charleston, Techno Security Con, TakeDownCon and Appalachian Institute of Digital Evidence conference at Marshall University, and more.

Will Caput

caput-262x272Will Caput has more than ten years of experience in the information security field. He began his career in the Marines working in the SigInt and Cryptography field. After acquiring his degree, Caput worked for Ernst and Young, performing security assessments for Fortune 500 companies. He later was a senior security consultant for PriceWaterhouseCoopers developing security policies and leading red team exercises against diverse large scale industries.

He continues to work in security and performs research in emerging threats and provides security consulting services. Will has also spoken at numerous security conferences, including CactusCon, NolaCon, B-Sides Las Vegas, Toorcon, and R-CISC. He is also the founder of Norcon, the annual security and hacker convention in Chico California.