Covert Entry Multi-tool Build

2020-05-29 08.40.02.jpg

During Covert Entry assessments, the last thing that you want to do is to be noticed. Fumbling around in a bag trying to find the bypass tool that’s needed will certainly draw attention.

If you have seen my other posts or videos, you will see that I focus on creating tools for Covert Entry that can be concealed easily and accessed quickly, to try and avoid drawing unnecessary attention to myself.

This Covert Entry Multi-tool build is inspired by videos from a LockPickingLawyer video, as well as seeing it taken a step further from NotSoCivilEngineer. I decided to build one as well, but making a few changes, and customizing it to fit my needs.

What’s in it?

The following is the list of of tools that I’ve put into the key organizer:

  • DoorKing master
  • Linear 222343
  • CH751
  • C415A
  • Jigglers
  • Shrum Tool (Traveler’s Hook)
  • Peterson Mini Knife tool (Decoder)
  • Peterson Knife tool
  • Peterson Adams Rite Trip Wire
  • Peterson America Padlock Bypass

Here are all of the tools laid out individually. You can see how this can be a bit bulky to carry, and can become quickly unorganized.

2020-05-27 10.35.24.jpg

Tool Modifications

I had to modify the tools by removing the tools from their plastic handles. This was pretty quick and easy with a “cut off” wheel and a Dremel. Drilling the holes into the metal tools was also pretty easy, but it does require a drill bit made for drilling into metal.

2020-05-27 10.47.30

The most difficult tool to modify is the traveler’s hook (shrum tool). There was no bend in it at the end, so I had to create this bend myself. You have to be careful doing this because the metal will break easily. This happened to me twice. I wasn’t able to create a fully closed loop, but was able to get it close enough to keep it on the key organizer. You also have to make sure that you’re making the tool the correct length so that it fits properly in the key organizer.

Another modification that took a bit of time was grinding the plastic part of the CH751 key to give it a much more thin profile.  Otherwise, it took up too much space on the key organizer.

Key Organizer Assembly

Assembling the key organizer itself is very easy. Putting the keys on the same side, and the bypass tools on their own side helps not only for organization, but also helps the tools to lay flat.

2020-05-29 08.38.46.jpg

I’d like to see your custom builds as well, or answer any questions you might have.
Contact me, or message me on Twitter.



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