Hacking Gift Cards

To better understand how it is possible to hack gift cards, we’ll demonstrate weaknesses with gift cards, balance checking, and how hackers can enumerate gift cards even without knowing the card holder. It is important to explain that the technique can be applied to any gift card that’s not using a CAPTCHA or a pin, … More Hacking Gift Cards

Proxmark 3 Cheat Sheet and RFID Thief Instructions

Found some awesome write-ups from Alex Dib regarding building your own RFID cloner and a useful Proxmark3 cheat sheet, and wanted to share! Proxmark3 Cheat Sheet Great cheat sheet for those using the Proxmark3 software. https://scund00r.com/all/rfid/2018/06/05/proxmark-cheatsheet.html   RFID Thief v2.0 Very detailed write-up for building your own long-range RFID cloner. https://scund00r.com/all/rfid/tutorial/2018/07/12/rfid-theif-v2.html    

Internet Enumeration and Discovery – Know Your Network Footprint

One of a company’s most important responsibilities is to know its network footprint. Many large corporations are compartmentalized, and different groups have different responsibilities that rarely overlap. It’s not uncommon for a company to have multiple class-C IP address ranges, along with third-party hosted websites, and not really realize they exist within the organization’s assets. … More Internet Enumeration and Discovery – Know Your Network Footprint

Proxmark3 Resources

Resource to flash the Proxmark3 from the standard HF mode, to LF mode: https://legacysecuritygroup.com/index.php/projects/categories/9-rfid/7-proxmark-3-emulating-hid-tags-in-standalone-mode WINDOWS Download the github proxmark3 standalone LF emulator Master by Corey Harding —https://github.com/exploitagency/github-proxmark3-standalone-lf-emulator Run Easy Flash Utility for Windows .bat This tool is handy for reflashing your Proxmark3 for whatever you need it for Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06DgTuJcMQ8 Plug in your Proxmark3 and … More Proxmark3 Resources

OSINT Resources

Here, we are going to document useful tools we utilize during the Open-Source Intellignce (OSINT) phase of our assessments. Feel free to send suggestions of tools/websites that you like to use as well. https://start.me/p/ELXoK8/bellingcat-osint-landscape A wealth of links broken down into different categories. Highly recommended! http://osintframework.com/ Excellent starting point! A well-maintained repository of well-known OSINT … More OSINT Resources