Layer 8 Social Engineering Conference – Podcast


Tim Roberts and I had a great discussion with Patrick from the social engineering-focused Layer 8 Conference. Not long ago, I made a post on Twitter asking which topics, tools, techniques others might like to have me write a blog post about. There were some great responses, such as “what do you do when you’re caught during an engagement…”,

You can listen to the conversation here:

I love that they’ve created a social engineering-focused Podcast, and they have already spoken with respected professionals in the field.

Here is a description of Layer 8’s podcast, which is super cool:

“Social engineers and OSINT investigators always seem to have a great story. And you can hear many of those stories through their presentations at the Layer 8 Conference in Providence, RI in June. But not every story can fill a whole presentation and not all storytellers can get to the conference, which brings us here.

This podcast will only be stories, told by the investigators themselves. No interviews, no slides, just stories. Some might be as short as five minutes, some may even go for 45 minutes. We hope you’ll enjoy them.”

Give them a listen!


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