DerbyCon 8 – Wellness Village Talk


Thanks for those who reached out afterwards, asking more information about project management and other items we discussed at our Wellness Village talk at DerbyCon this year! Also, HUGE thanks to Amanda Berlin for letting us speak, and for creating the Wellness Village. Hopefully it will become a regular part of the conference.

After a few requests, I have shared the slides from the presentation. I also made a few minor updates to it to include screenshots of my calendar, to show how I color-coordinate certain tasks for a quick visual representation of each day’s events.

Please reach out to me if you have questions about any of the info in the slides.

And remember these key points:

  • Value your time.
  • Take time off.
  • Take some time to organize and implement some sort of project management routine, for your own sanity.
  • Your job does not define you, and you are not your job.


DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION – Wellness-village-v1.1

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