Vintage Security Awareness Posters

While working on a two-week long engagement with a client, we had built enough rapport to joke openly, and be ourselves (which is a scary thought). Through this, I had started teasing him about his departments “security awareness” posters. These things were so cheesy. So, at the end of the two weeks, as we were leaving, he hands me a stack of them. AWESOME!

I’ve been holding these things for a few years now. After digging them out of a pile of stuff, I decided to share them with you.
I’m not going to say that these are life-changing, but…

Mind your shared toothbrushes, or something like that:

2018-05-11 16.48.38.jpg

“Shh. Don’t report the breaking and entering…:
2018-05-11 16.49.07.jpg
Hand it over, or Tilly will make you scream “uncle”.:

2018-05-11 16.49.17.jpg

Not everyone enjoys Stephen Colbert’s fetish:

2018-05-11 16.49.25.jpg

15 minutes prior to trash pirate being called into human resources.:

2018-05-11 16.49.33.jpg

The moment Terry realized that “bring your judgemental pet to work day” was a bust:
2018-05-11 16.49.41.jpg
Pete shouldn’t read reviews of his movie:

2018-05-11 16.49.51.jpg

Santa has a mistress:

2018-05-11 16.48.51.jpg