Proxmark3 Resources


Resource to flash the Proxmark3 from the standard HF mode, to LF mode:


Download the github proxmark3 standalone LF emulator Master by Corey Harding

Run Easy Flash Utility for Windows .bat

Plug in your Proxmark3 and go to Device Manager to see what COM

Enter your COM number

Select option 1 for bootrom and choose which bootrom you wish to use

  • For emulation, select Option 2 LF standalne firmware

Once you have the bootrom installed, select Option 2 for fullimage

  • Choose the same as bootrom, ex 2 LF Standalone Emulation/Cloning fullimage

Instructions for using LF standalone emulation/cloning/proxbrute mode on the elechouse RDV2 and standard version of the proxmark3
can be found at:

  • Once you have the bootrom and fullimage, you will then disconnect your Proxmark3 and plug it into your
    power source.
    Hold down the button until the lights blink and wait for just C to light up
  • Hold down the button again until C and D light up. Note: D will be brief. Then scan the card you wish to emulate
  • Press the button again until B and C are lit (for emulation mode). Once in emulation mode, you should be able to emulate the card you scanned.

Kali Linux

Follow the steps here:

Then, replace the images and commands with this information:

  • cd into/path/for/proxmark3-flashing-firmware
  • Upgrade the Proxmark BOOTROM:
  • sudo ./flasher -b ../../firmware/LF-standalone-firmware/bootrom.elf

  • Then upgrade the OS and FPGA:
  • sudo ./flasher ../../firmware/LF-standalone-firmware/fullimage.elf



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