DerbyCon 2017


What a blast this year! As always, DerbyCon was a huge success. Paul Oakenfold was cool to see live, although he had zero energy and seemed like he was just ready to leave. DualCore always keeps it real, Busta is…well… And, a big shout out to Dave Kennedy and team for putting together one of our favorite cons!

On a sad and serious note, the community lost a dear friend to a fatal milk shake accident. #TrevorForget

You can find our slides in the conference list for those who were not able to make it. Our apologies for the A/V issues the first 25 minutes in, but some great conversation came of it and Brent was able to try and turn it into some sort of a sad version of stand-up comedy. But wow, what an amazing audience! The interaction was so fun that we’ve considered having A/V issues on purpose from here on out.


Does anyone know who the guy in the white hat is that photo-bombed us?Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 8.11.47 PM

It was good to see Jayson Street was able to make it out for a bit. LOL!Jayson

“Hacker man”
2017-09-26 11.41.44

Paul Oakenfold
2017-09-23 00.34.03.jpg

2017-09-24 02.09.50