DerbyCon 2017


What a blast this year! As always, DerbyCon was a huge success. Paul Oakenfold was great, DualCore always keeps it real, Busta is…well… and a big shout out to Dave Kennedy and team for putting together one of our favorite cons.

On a sad and serious note, the community lost a dear friend to a fatal milk shake accident. #TrevorForget

You can find our slides in the conference list for those who were not able to make it. Our apologies for the A/V issues the first 25mins in, but some great conversation came of it and wow, what an amazing audience!

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 8.11.47 PMcommonJayson

“Hacker man”
2017-09-26 11.41.44

Paul Oakenfold
2017-09-23 00.34.03.jpg

2017-09-24 02.09.50