Auto-Mobilizing NetHunter

So, my wife recently bought a new Pioneer car audio dash for me. After playing with it I started to wonder more about the Android integration and thought how cool it might be to be able to run NetHunter apps, Pineapple Mobile and other mobile apps via the touchscreen of my vehicle – outside of the ole Pandora and typical applications. Well…it happened. My 4runner is almost Nethunter ready.

How? By using my rooted Nexus tablet setup with Nethunter and a plethora of other goodies, the OTG cable with a TP-Link adapter connected to a 15dbi antenna with a magnetic base and this modified version of AppRadio (aka “AppRadio Unchained”) mobile app:…/unlock-full-android-app-mirroring-o…/

I can simply keep the tablet in the glove box, connect it to the USB adapter in the glove box via the dash kit and can now h4x0r from the touchscreen dash. Once I get everything running smoothly, I will try to toss a video up, showing the setup.