DEF CON 22 – Social Engineering Village

HUGE shout-out to Social Engineer, Inc and Chris Hadnagy for the opportunity to speak at Def Con 22! Our talk was titled “Corporate Espionage: Gathering Actionable Intelligence Via Covert Operations”.

The talk went great and it the turnout was incredible. Apologies to those who waited in line and couldn’t get in due to the room being at full capacity. Because of this, we’re going post our Def Con 22 talk with a re-cap of the highlights.


Here is the link to our talk on YouTube:

Side Note (For the trolls / #Tacticool ):

Brent here. I wanted to address something related to our DC22 talk.
It seems as though there are a handful of people trolling us because of my flub while describing “Actionable Intelligence” early in the talk. Fair enough. It was my first presentation and I admit I was nervous. They are also trolling for our use of intelligence-related vocabulary. DC 22′s theme was spy-related and we tailored our presentation around that. However, to the few who can’t seem to look past those points and have advised a few others not to “waste their time” watching the talk, that’s cheap.

I stand by everything I presented as they are effective and proven techniques that Tim and I have both used successfully and still continue to use to this day. I’m aware that there are other techniques available to use, and if you’d like to do your own presentation to show us, or discuss those in a constructive way to help improve those in the InfoSec community instead of tearing it down, please let me know the next hacker con that you’re going to be at so that we can discuss it face-to-face.

…that is all.


Full room:


The talk: